Student Counseling Services

Need assistance with test anxiety? The grief process? Relationship issues? Family or school stress? Veteran re-entry issues? These are just some of the areas our counselors can assist you with.

One-on-one short-term counseling sessions are available at no charge to you. Counseling is held in Room 119 primarily on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays but other schedules can sometimes be accommodated.

We have two licensed professional counselors who visit our campus to see students. They are Randy Fuhrmann, who has worked with Helena College students for several years, and Grace Hodges, who has taught psychology at Helena College and who is counseling this year for us.

Students may call Ernest Biller at 447-6952; Tammy Steckler at 447-6953; Dauneen Durrant at 447-6956; or Rick Caron at 447-6937 for an appointment.

Students are seen for 4 to 6 sessions at which point counselors make recommendations about continued care. We ask for 24 hours’ advance notice to cancel an appointment if possible. If students miss several counseling sessions, their services may be suspended. Students with mental health emergencies are asked to call 911.