New at the Library

Naxos Music Library

The library isn’t just about books and articles. We’ve recently added Naxos Music Library to our collection, which contains nearly 2 million classical and instrumental music songs, which you can stream online for free!

Fall 2016 Library Research Prize

Fall 2016 Library Research Prize Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Fall 2016 Library Research Prize! Celeste Hagen and Riki Emerson each submitted fabulous papers from their WRIT 101 courses. Special kudos to instructors Steve Lewis and Virginia Reeves for their contributions, as well.

Learn more about the Library Research Prize, including eligibility criteria and how to enter your research project for Spring 2017.

Blazing New TRAILS

You might notice some changes to the library’s search boxes. For the past year, the library has been busy implementing some major changes to the way we access our collection and share with academic libraries around the state. Read on to learn more.

Collaborating for Greater Access


The library has officially joined TRAILS (Treasure State Academic Information & Library Services), a consortium of 24 academic libraries around Montana, to improve access to information and sharing of resources.

The most significant difference you will notice is in the number of books and DVDs available to borrow from other libraries. In addition to collections at University of Montana and affiliate libraries, you now have access to the materials at the Montana State University institutions, as well as some private and tribal college libraries.

Changing the Way You Search, or, Where’d the Catalog Go?

Our first milestone in the TRAILS consortium was the collective purchase of sophisticated library resource management software, which combines our traditional library catalog (how we manage our books and patrons) with a system for managing our electronic resources and sharing our data with other libraries.

It all comes together with a discovery tool, which we’ve named OneSearch. With OneSearch, you can search all of our electronic collections (articles and ebooks) and our print collection (books and DVDs) together with the collections of academic libraries around the state, to find the best resource for your needs.

  • Use the Helena College tab to find items in our library and items in our online collections that you can access as a student, staff, or faculty member of Helena College.
  • Use the TRAILS – Montana Academic Libraries tab to find items in our collections and items at other academic libraries around the state. You can request the books and DVDs that you find in this tab to be sent to Helena College for you to check out. Amazing!

For more details about using OneSearch and requesting materials from other libraries, watch our short tutorial. And, as always, don’t hesitate to contact the library if you have any questions!