Helena College School Code 007570

Work-Study Job Listings

If interested please contact the Work Study Coordinator to see if you are eligible: 447-6915

General Fire Equipment Maintenance
Department: Fire & Rescue
Wage: 8.25
Date Posted: 5/12/14
Semester/Year: Fall 2014/Spring 2015
Location: Donaldson Campus
Hours: 10 hours/week
Contact: Mike Wiederhold—447-6982

Duties: Must be familiar with fire and EMT equipment, must be able to do minor maintenance, cleaning, fueling of vehicles, hose washing and drying, filling of air cylinders and other duties within qualifications of student.

America Reads Tutor
School: Varies
Wage: 8.50 Date Posted: 8/4/14
Semester/Year: Fall 2014/Spring 2015
Hours: varies
Contact: Karina Moulton, Work Study Coordinator—447-6915

Duties: Assist teachers in elementary classrooms; tutor students in reading and math.

Child Care Partnerships
Wage: 9.00
Date Posted: 8/11/14
Semester/Year: Fall 2014/Spring 2015
Hours: 20 hours per week
Position(s) available: 1
Contact: Karina Moulton, Work Study Coordinator--447-6915

IT Helpdesk
Department: IT
Wage: 8.25
Date Posted: 9/2/14
Semester/Year: Fall 2014/Spring 2015
Location: Donaldson Campus
Hours: 10 hours/week; afternoon/evening
Contact: Jeff Block, Director of IT Services—447-6958

Duties: This position is expected to assist the IT Department with helpdesk and daily computer network related administration duties. Those duties include but are not limited to: providing tier 1 IT support, PC troubleshooting and repair, software and operating system support, printer maintenance, networking, server administration, website administration and Microsoft Active Directory management. This position will occasionally require, heavy lifting, crawling under desks and climbing ladders.
Qualifications: Must be enrolled in a Computer Technology Program.

CT Network Administrator
Department: Computer Technology
Wage: 8.25
Date Posted: 8/22/14
Semester/Year: Fall 2014/Spring 2015
Location: Donaldson Campus
Hours: 6-12 hours/week
Contact: Bryon Steinwand--447-6967

Duties: Include the following: installation of server, configuration of server software, installation of software updates, and configuration of physical server layout.  Setup and configure all student servers to support course work. Evaluate and/or recommend purchases of computers, network hardware, peripheral equipment, and software; investigate user problems, identify their source, determine possible solutions, test and implement solutions; install, configure, and maintain student servers running Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Red Hat Enterprise Server 3, or OPENSUSE 11.1 operating systems, perform software installation, and upgrades; maintain Microsoft Academic Alliance licenses for department/organization; plan and implement network security, including building firewalls, applying cryptography to network applications, managing host security, file permissions, backup and disaster recovery plans, file system integrity, and adding and deleting users; ensure timely user notification of maintenance requirements and effects on system availability; investigate, recommend and install enhancements and operating procedures that optimize network availability; maintain confidentiality with regard to the information being processed, stored or accessed by the network; document network configuration and problems and resolutions for future reference; as well as other duties as assigned.

Department: Business Services
Wage: 8.25
Date Posted: 9/3/2014
Semester/Year: Fall 2014/Spring 2015
Location: Donaldson Campus
Hours: 20 hours/week
Contact: Deborah Kelley, Accounting Associate Manager—447-6918

Description: This position is expected to provide customer service, answer questions, and performing general office duties. Those duties include but are not limited to: Cashiering, processing and entering transactions into Banner, filing and handling confidential information, making copies, editing documents, and mailings.
Qualifications: Must be computer literate, knowledgeable in MS Office, have an accounting/math background, and have exceptional communication skills. Attention to detail is required as well as reliability, punctuality, and willingness to learn. Previous office experience preferred.

Notice to all Helena College Work Study Students:

All payroll information/changes may be made at: http://cyberbear.umt.edu/

Instructions: Login to Cyberbear using the blue bar
                   Enter User ID (see directions on screen for ID & Pin)
                   Enter PIN

Please contact the Helena College Financial Aid Department at 406-447-6913 with any questions.

“Helena College provides equal employment opportunities to applicants and employees without regard to race, color, national origin, age, physical or mental disability, marital status, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, or political beliefs.”