Helena College Staff & Faculty Phone List

Cashier Fax 447-6395 Donaldson Fax 447-6397
Bookstore Fax 447-6396 Airport Campus Fax 447-6399 Parts Fax& 447-6398
Adams Julie 447-6946 Administrative Associate/Continuing Education julie.adams@umhelena.edu
Adolph Michael 439-0803 447-6935 Maintenance michael.adolph@umhelena.edu
Ball Karin 447-6985 Administrative Associate/Nursing,Gen-Ed karin.ball@umhelena.edu
Bennett Josh FAX  447-6396 447-6932 Bookstore Manager josh.bennett@umhelena.edu
Bingham Daniel 447-6927 CEO/Dean daniel.bingham@umhelena.edu
Block Jeff 439-5058 447-6958 Director of IT Services jeff.block@umhelena.edu
Bourquin Stacy 447-6920 Business Office/Accounts Payable stacy.bourquin@umhelena.edu
Boyd Jacque 447-6381 Access to Success/Case Manager jacque.boyd@umhelena.edu
Brown Mike 447-6947 Institutional Researcher michael.brown@umhelena.edu
Buckner Mark 447-6374 Healthcare Transformation Specialist mark.buckner@umhelena.edu
Burke Scott 447-6357 Sheet Metal scott.burke@umhelena.edu
Burke Tammy 447-6978 General Education/Science tammy.burke@umhelena.edu
Campana Janet 447-6989 Nursing Instructor Janet.Campana@umhelena.edu
Caron Rick 447-6937 Director, Student Support Center rick.caron@umhelena.edu
Chambers Larry 437-1390 447-6949 Computer Support Specialist larry.chambers@umhelena.edu
Clinard Jan  447-6951 Career Pathways Coordinator jan.clinard@umhelena.edu
Collette Therese 447-6924 Recruitment Specialist therese.collette@umhelena.edu
Conard Wyatt 439-1010 447-6354 Maintenance wyatt.conard@umhelena.edu
Coon Emmett 447-6968 Computer Technology emmett.coon@umhelena.edu
Crawford Sharla 447-6384 Access to Success/Instructor sharla.crawford@umhelena.edu
Cronin Mike 447-6971 General Education/English mike.cronin@umhelena.edu
Curtin Valerie 447-6913 Director of Financial Aid valerie.curtin@umhelena.edu
Dellwo Sarah 447-6908 Director of Admissions and Records sarah.dellwo@umhelena.edu
Dendinger Rick 447-6375 TAACCCT Program Coordinator rick.dendinger@umhelena.edu
Dobyns Dan 447-6377 Workforce Navigator dan.dobyns@umhelena.edu
Douglas Donna 447-6919 Business Office/Accounting Associate donna.douglas@umhelena.edu
Dubbe Della 447-6943 Director of Library Services della.dubbe@umhelena.edu
Dumas Tod 447-6360 Aviation tod.dumas@umhelena.edu
Durrant Dauneen 447-6956 Program Assistant - TRIO Progam dauneen.durrant@umhelena.edu
Eslick Gordon FAX  447-6398 447-6353 Resale/Parts/Airport Campus gordon.eslick@umhelena.edu
Feist Wesley 447-6914 Financial Aid Specialist/Student Loans wesley.feist@umhelena.edu
Felter Steve 447-6378 Diesel steve.felter@umhelena.edu
Fillner Russ 439-0767 447-6917 Assistant Dean Fiscal and Plant russ.fillner@umhelena.edu
George Mary Ann 447-6943 Library Assistant maryann.george@umhelena.edu
Gibson Rebecca 447-6986 Nursing rebecca.gibson@umhelena.edu
Gifreda Laura FAX  447-6395 447-6922 Cashier laura.gifreda@umhelena.edu
Guerin Bridget 447-6350 Administrative Associate/Airport Campus bridget.guerin@umhelena.edu
447-6370 Welding
Hartman John 447-6977 General Education/Science john.hartman@umhelena.edu
Hathy Albert 447-6361 Aviation albert.hathy@umhelena.edu
Hauer Derrick 447-6367 Diesel derrick.hauer@umhelena.edu
Haughee Kim 447-6974 General Education/Math kim.haughee@umhelena.edu
Henderson Karen 208-8922 447-6973 General Education/English karen.henderson@umhelena.edu
Henry Rick 447-6979 Life Science Instructor rick.henry@umhelena.edu
Hern Jennifer FAX  447-6396 447-6933 Bookstore  jennifer.hern@umhelena.edu
Huff Jan 447-6390 Adult Basic Education jan.huff@umhelena.edu
Johl Detlef 447-6388 Adult Basic Education detlef.johl@umhelena.edu
Johnson Brenda 447-6910 Assistant Registrar brenda.johnson@umhelena.edu
Johnson Marti 447-6950 Student Assistance Foundation marti.johnson@umhelena.edu
Jones Dave 447-6359 Automotive dave.jones@umhelena.edu
Juarez Kimberly 447-6380 Access to Success/Instructor kimberly.juarez@umhelena.edu
Kaiser Shelly 447-6948 Information Systems Support Specialist shelly.kaiser@umhelena.edu
Kelley Tia 447-6930 General Education and Transfer Division Chair tia.kelley@umhelena.edu
Kelly Harold 406-461-8300 447-6365 Construction Technology harold.kelly@umhelena.edu
Kelly Sarah 447-6388 Adult Basic Education sarah.kelly@umhelena.edu
Kiesling Robyn 447-6962 Office Technology robyn.kiesling@umhelena.edu
Knapstad Roger 439-5382 447-6935 Maintenance roger.knapstad@umhelena.edu
Kong Amy 447-6364 General Education/Math amy.kong@umhelena.edu
Kramer Forrest 447-6379 Machine Tool forrest.kramer@umhelena.edu
Lannert Mary 447-6944 Director of Continuing Education mary.lannert@umhelena.edu
Leonard Sam 447-6382 Access to Success/Instructor sam.leonard@umhelena.edu
Lesueur Gloria Adult Basic Education gloria.lesueur@umhelena.edu
Lewis Steve 447-6970 General Education/English steve.lewis@umhelena.edu
Lindner Dora Adult Basic Education dora.lindner@umhelena.edu
Lindskog Lyla 447-6923 Financial Wellness Coordinator lyla.lindskog@umhelena.edu
Loomis Ryan 447-6904 Admissions Counselor ryan.loomis@umhelena.edu
Marks Justin 447-6362 Welding justin.marks@umhelena.edu
Marston Summer 447-6927 Assistant to CEO/Dean summer.marston@umhelena.edu
Martinez Valerie 447-6352 Trades Division Chair valerie.martinez@umhelena.edu
McAlmond Barb 447-6907 Director of Marketing barb.mcalmond@umhelena.edu
McIntosh Margaret 447-6387 Adult Basic Education margaret.mcintosh@umhelena.edu
Miller Candice 447-6939 Administrative Associate/SSC (Student Support Ctr) candice.miller@umhelena.edu
More Jim 447-6972 General Education - Technical Writing jim.more@umhelena.edu
Moulton Karina 447-6915 Financial Aid Specialist/Work Study Coordinator karina.moulton@umhelena.edu
Moyer Matthew 447-6369 Machine Tool matthew.moyer@umhelena.edu
Mozer Andrew 447-6380 Access to Success/Instructor andrew.mozer@umhelena.edu
Munn Nathan 447-6981 General Education/Social Sciences nathan.munn@umhelena.edu
Nason Nick 439-0735 447-6935 Maintenance nick.nason@umhelena.edu
Nickol Ben 447-6992 Communications Instructor/Student Senate Advisor ben.nickol@umhelena.edu
O'Connor Joshua-Luke 447-6361 Aviation joshualuke.o'connor@umhelena.edu
Odermann Rick 461-0843 447-6961 Copmputer Support Specialist/Webmaster rick.odermann@umhelena.edu
Orr Brandon 447-6376 Regional Director, Small Business Development Center brandon.orr@umhelena.edu
Ott Katie 447-6380 Access to Success/Administrative Associate katie.ott@umhelena.edu
Pate Jessie 447-6943 Librarian jessie.pate@umhelena.edu
Peterson Curtis 447-6991 General Education/Social Sciences curtis.peterson@umhelena.edu
Peterson John 447-6389 Adult Basic Education john.peterson@umhelena.edu
Purcell Rick 447-6366 Diesel rick.purcell@umhelena.edu
Rapaport Debra 447-6987 Nursing debra.rapaport@umhelena.edu
Raphael-Conley  Karen 447-6373 Interior Design karen.raphael-conley@umhelena.edu
Rogers Tony 439-0666 447-6395 Maintenance tony.rogers@umhelena.edu
Rung Randy 266-1833 447-6354 Maintenance randy.rung@umhelena.edu
Runge Denise 447-6928 Associate Dean of Academics denise.runge@umhelena.edu
Sacry Sandy 422-6345 447-6984 Director of Nursing sandra.sacry@umhelena.edu
Sawatzki Phillip 447-6980 Lab Technician phillip.sawatzki@umhelena.edu
Schade Jennifer 447-6929 Administrative Associate/Academic Dean jennifer.schade@umhelena.edu
Schatz Joanne 447-6909 Administrative Associate to the Registrar joanne.schatz@umhelena.edu
Schmidt Matt 447-6936 Director of Facilities matt.schmidt@umhelena.edu
Schoenfeld Christa 447-6385 Access to Success/Instructor christa.schoenfeld@umhelena.edu
Scott Shaun 447-6966 Computer Technology shaun.scott@umhelena.edu
Shchuchinov Viktor 447-6975 General Education/Math viktor.shchuchinov@umhelena.edu
Slocum Seth 447-6371 Welding seth.slocum@umhelena.edu
Sodexo Food Services 447-6934 Sodexo Food Services sodexo@umhelena.edu
Stearns-Sims Elizabeth 447-6903 Assistant Dean of Student Affairs e.stearnssims@umhelena.edu
Steckler Tammy 447-6953 Veteran Services Program Coordinator tammy.steckler@umhelena.edu
Steele Dave 447-6959 Computer Support Specialist dave.steele@umhelena.edu
Steinwand Bryon 447-6967 Computer Technology bryon.steinwand@umhelena.edu
Stergar Christy 447-6945 Continuing Education christine.stergar@umhelena.edu
Syverson KayDee 447-6954 Academic Advisor/TRIO Program kaydee.syverson@umhelena.edu
Thennis Stephanie 447-6387 Alternative Education Administrator stephanie.thennis@umhelena.edu
Thompson Alan 447-6941 Career Services alan.thompson@umhelena.edu
Townsend Krista 447-6938 Academic Advisor krista.townsend@umhelena.edu
Twardos Mary 447-6901 Administrative Associate mary.twardos@umhelena.edu
Walborn Joyce 447-6976 General Education/Math joyce.walborn@umhelena.edu
Warner Art 447-6368 Machine Tool art.warner@umhelena.edu
Whitsel Nathan 447-6383 Access to Success/Instructor nathan.whitsel@umhelena.edu
Wiederhold Michael 447-6982 Fire/Rescue Instructor & Coordinator-Appointment mike.wiederhold@umhelena.edu
Willcockson Ann 447-6955 Director of TRIO Program ann.willcockson@umhelena.edu
Williams Karmen 447-6988 Nursing karmen.williams@umhelena.edu
Worthy Kimberly 447-6925 Director of Human Resources kimberly.worthy@umhelena.edu
Yahvah Barbara 447-6963 Accounting & Business Technology barbara.yahvah@umhelena.edu
Young Ali 447-6921 Business Office/Student Accounts alice.young@umhelena.edu
Zeigler Glen 447-6372 Welding glen.zeigler@umhelena.edu
Zelenak Maia 447-6918 Accounting Associate Manager maia.zelenakumhelena.edu
Zimmerman Joe 447-6358 Automotive joe.zimmerman@umhelena.edu
Admissions & New Student Services 447-6900 Admissions & New Student Services Work Study 447-6906
Financial Aid Work Study 447-6916 Student Support Work Study 447-6940
FACULTY Support Desk 447-6990