Facilities & Safety Committee

MISSION—What is our purpose?  To create and promote a safe learning environment for students and employees at Helena College.

AVAILABLE RESOURCES—What is available to us to achieve purpose?

  • Committee Members
  • Staff, faculty, and students
  • Other UM campuses
  • Community experts in various fields relating to safety
  • Online safety resources, created in-house documents and programs


  • Student Success: To provide a safe environment for students to pursue their goals.
    • Respond to safety concerns and safety work orders in a timely manner
    • Set up inspection teams, and conduct safety inspections at both campuses two times per year
  • Connect with Community: Connect with community by consulting with community experts concerning safety issues.
    • Send a member of the Helena College Safety Committee to the Capital Area Safety and Health (CASH) meeting on a monthly basis.
    • Will continue to annually consult with Helena emergency responders to ensure we are meeting their requirements for easy access and meeting our responsibilities during emergencies, such as evacuations.
  • Create Access: Create a learning environment where all students and employees have access to safety facilities, access to safety training, and access to safety information.
    • Create a training list of all the safety training that needs to be done for all faculty and staff.
    • Hold two fire drills each year at both campuses.
    • Have self-inspection check lists ready to be distributed by the start of each year.
    • Send out reports via e-mail concerning safety minutes and known safety problems.
    • Update all Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) manuals.
  • Develop Resources: Allocate resources and develop protocols to improve accessibility and visibility of safety procedures and reporting and tracking of safety concerns.
    • Procure an operating budget for the safety committee.
    • Update and expand upon Quick Reference material located in classrooms.

ASSESSMENT W/CHANGES—Measurement of your progress toward goals and resulting revisions

  • Mid-year assessment of the progress of goal attainment.
  • Safety committee minutes from all monthly meetings will be posted to the Helena College web site. 

SYNOPSIS—State of the Program Summary


  • Creation of Quick Reference Emergency information posted in each classroom.
  • Immediate attention to problem areas that caused accidents.
  • Provided ice cleats to every employee on campus during the winter.
  • Budgeted and provided new snow removal and equipment for the facilities. 


  • No budgetary funding for the safety committee.
  • Low attendance (50%) by the committee members to the meetings.

Core Themes

  • Provide Access and Support: high quality opportunities to participate in educational activities and appropriate support
  • Demonstrate Academic Excellence:  high degree of quality in all programming
  • Strengthen the Community: high level of response to community needs

Meeting Times:  1x/month, 2nd Wednesday

Committee Members

Matt Schmidt, Chair
Rick Caron
Doug Engleking
Russ Fillner
Tim Harris
Roger Knapstad
Matt Moyer
Phillip Sawatzki
Seth Slocum
Elizabeth Stearns-Sims
Karmen Williams
Tim Wunderwald