Helena College Diversity Committee’s

The President's Lecture Series


This year’s President’s Lecture Series will consist of eight talks on vital topics by distinguished guest speakers. The University community and general public are cordially invited to attend all the lectures
Admission is free.

Special Olympics

Helena will host the Special Olympics State Basketball Tournament November 13-15. There are many ways that a person can volunteer and be part of this great event. You don’t need to know anything about basketball to be a great volunteer. There are many opportunities that don’t require a lot of time.

Goody-bag stuffers, referees, time-keepers, lunch assembly & delivery, merchandise sales, carnival activities-- there is something for everyone.

The website makes it very easy to pick an event, location and timeslot.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Therese Collette,


Helena College Diversity Committee celebrates

Disability Awareness Month and LGBT History Month


Online Programming for October:

Ernie PepionLGBT History Month

Montana Mosaic: Ernie Pepion - American Artist

Ernie Pepion was a storyteller.  He told tales through the medium of painting, a passion that carried him through a hard life, both as a member of the Blackfeet Indian tribe and as a disabled man. His paintings tell of freedom from the things that hold us down, and the frustration of discovering that some shackles can't be thrown off..


Educator Explains What it Means to be Transgender

Explore the concept of gender through an educator's work with this video and educational resources from PBS


Focus on LGBT Youth Homelessness: Film Module The Homestretch

This is a short film module adapted from The Homestretch, as seen on PBS's Independent Lens, about youth homelessness, with a focus on LGBT youth. For more information about The Homestretch, visit the Independent Lens website.


Go to the Helena College Diversity Committee or the Library webpage for links to these videos.

 Helena College’s Statement on Diversity

Mission: At Helena College, we recognize and accept each individual is a unique combination of thoughts, beliefs (religious, political and ideological), socio-economic status, race (biological), ethnicity (cultural), age, gender, sexual orientation, and physical abilities, and we value these differences through shared governance, program offerings and collegiate activities.

Diversity Core Values:
  • Acceptance
  • Respect
  • Understanding
  • Recognition
  • Inclusion

Vision: To have a college committed to embracing the rich dimensions of diversity contained within each individual.

About the Diversity Committee:

The committee is comprised of representatives from the Dean’s Office, Student Services, Fiscal/Plant, Academics, and Student Senate.

The scope of the Committee, which includes a Committee Chair, a Program Coordinator, and an Academic Liaison, is to integrate diversity into all aspects of the college, including

  • Admissions/enrollment Practices
  • Recruitment and employment practices
  • Communications, publications, and promotions
  • Programming, both academic and institutional
  • Institutional organizations, services, and events
  • Community partnerships

Committee Members:

  • Therese Collette
  • Della Dubbe
  • Laura Gifreda
  • Brenda Johnson
  • Robyn Kiesling
  • Debra Rappaport
  • Tammy Steckler
  • Joyce Walborn, Chair