The following information is required by our Business Office for EACH semester a student receiving agency funding that is enrolled in the upcoming semester .Approval from Third Party must be received in the Business Office by the published payment deadlines. Please refer to page 10 in our Student guide or click here.

1. Name of student
2. Student ID number
3. Designated term (i.e., Fall 14, Spring 14, etc)
4. Billing address and phone number for agency

Please include any or all of the following:

  1. Tuition and fees
  2. Compass test and/or application fee
  3. Required text books
  4. Supplies (ie., pens, paper, ink) Limit $____
  5. Health Insurance
  6. Tools
  7. Parking Permit
  8. Laptop package
  9. Printer package
  10. Grad Application

We will require an additional authorization for optional books, optional supplies, and small tools if sold thru our Bookstore.

Please call Student Accounts at 447-6921 if you have any questions